Not just a recipe blog…

Welcome to my recipe/cooking/food-obsessed blog. Please note – I’m not a professional chef and chances are, neither are you. Take no offense to that statement! I’m just passionate about cooking and all things food and I’ve realized that this stuff needs to be shared. I’m simply stating that for the most part, I’m on a level playing field with most of you who may be viewing this blog.

Let’s face facts – the Bobby Flays of the world have had experiences and training we simply will not have. Do they really expect us to whip out their recipes to Bon Appetit cover photo perfection – let alone invent those crazy things we see on Iron Chef? Well – believe it or not, I think we can get pretty close. Or at the very least, blow our friends and family away from time to time to the point that they might actually wonder if we somehow ran off on some cooking school sabbatical without them knowing it.

This is the reason for this blog. I feel like I have some cool insights to share from the point of view of the obsessed food/chef wanna be. I want to bring a perspective to hopefully light the the way to killer meals, an understanding of foundational techniques, and a food confidence that will allow you to make memories by pulling together a meal based on your inspiration – NOT from combing through recipe books and trying to follow someone else’s food bliss word for word.

Stick around. Read a little. I hope you get inspired. And most of all, I want you to cook something for someone and politely and passionately exclaim, “deal with this!”



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